Affordable ATM Sales

Turn to ASI for the best selection of ATMs for sale. We carry a wide range of cash machines to choose from for your bank or credit union, including ATM kiosks and island and drive-up ATMs. Contact us to learn more about our affordable ATM sales in the Upper Midwest and purchase from our selection of machines today.

Kiosk Series

Check out some of the features and specifications of these ATM kiosks:


  • Spacious interior comfortable for two people.
  • Heavy gauge steel construction resists dents and creases from vehicles, unlike kiosks constructed from lighter-weight materials.
  • High-efficiency air conditioning and heating.
  • High-quality, fade-resistant, surface-applied vinyl graphics.
  • UV protective clear coat applied for long-lasting colors.
  • Fully insulated interior walls and carpeted floor.
Kiosk ATM


  • Custom built to ATM needs.
  • Solid 7-gauge steel walls.
  • Solid 1/2” steel floor.
  • All-steel framing welded for structural soundness.
  • Attractive radius corners and seamless construction.
  • Highest quality polyurethane base/clear coat paint system provides many years of protection.
  • Options for surface-applied vinyl graphics on each side of the kiosk.
ATM Kiosk White


Nautilus offers a full line of island ATMs, including:
Nautilus Hyosu

MX 7600I

The MoniMax7600I is a full-service island ATM. Customers can deposit cash and receive dispensed cash and transactions.
Nautilus Machine

MX 5600

The Monimax 5600 (NH-5090) features superior and reliable performance with various functions, including cash dispensing.
MX 5600


In addition to ATM kiosks and island ATMs, GRG carries bunker-style machines and drive-up units, including:
GRG International


Bunker/island ATMs are designed to operate in the most extreme conditions. The H48ND has truly proven itself as the workhouse ATM of the product line.


The H22ND is a drive-up unit designed for kiosk or glass through-the-wall installation. This highly weatherized cash dispense ATM is perfect for remote installation.

Arctic Blast Covers

Arctic Blast Covers offers a full line of covers for ATMs. Products include:
In addition, we also carry a variety of covers for machines to help protect against weather damage and pollution and ensure a comfortable and temperate environment for employees.
Arctic Blast Cover Logo

ATM Covers

These ATM covers are designed to stop airflow and thermal heat loss due to conduction via simple, easy-to-use covers placed inside ATMs. Arctic Blast Covers’ durable materials help eliminate wall drafts and complaints about it being too cold. Their quality covers block air drafts and outside pollution from entering your building, keeping your staff happy and healthy.
ATM Cover

Cash Drawer Covers

Arctic Blast Covers’ cash drawer covers are designed to reduce the draft and wind experienced at drive-through windows. By keeping your tellers warm, you help reduce not only your utility bills but also work absenteeism due to sickness. These covers will also help reduce outside pollution from cars, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment for your employees.
Cash Drawer Cover

Night Drop Box Covers

For use on the night drop boxes, these covers help reduce the chilly draft experienced by your staff and keep internal temperatures warm. These money-saving covers from Arctic Blast Covers are simple to install, can be removed in seconds for easy access, and, best of all, help keep your utility bills low by conserving heat in the winter and cool temperatures in the summer.
Night Drop Box Cover

Canopy Series

Canopy Series One
Canopy Series Two
Green ATM Kiosk